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Kitchen splashbacks are now a stylistic piece and can often be the central focus in the kitchen, whereas previously splashbacks were used for their practical role of protecting the hob’s surrounding walls. Over the years, we have moved away from the traditional choice of ceramic tiles and now there are so many textures, materials and shapes available to choose from to add a personal touch to your kitchen. Throughout 2018 we will see a variety of materials entering the home from natural stone to metallic finishes, we have rounded up our thoughts on 2018’s splashback trends.

Large Marble Slabs

Large marble slabs add an unexpected focal point to any kitchen, usually a material used for countertops they add a twist into the modern home.

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Patterned splashbacks create an intense focal point and add lots of personality to your kitchen. Splashbacks are often the thing that is the most difficult to change, something to bear in mind if you opt for a patterned splashback, will it stand the test of time?

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Dark Coloured Grout

Dark coloured grout is becoming a popular trend, not only does it look stylish but it hides a multitude of sins.

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Bright Colours

Another trend is bringing bright colours into the home by using bold splashbacks. This trend works well with simple colour palettes, let the splashback do the talking. You don’t want to overdo it!

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Cooker to Ceiling

Cooker to ceiling splashbacks is a trend that is becoming popular in 2018, creating a larger feature wall as well as bringing more textures into the kitchen. Large subway tiles are also being used everywhere, the common size is usually 3″ x 6″ but 4″ x 8″ or 4″ x 12″ are taking over the kitchen scene.

Rustic Slate

Textured surfaces are becoming popular throughout the entire home and now the trend has entered the kitchen. Creating a splashback with rustic slate makes an impressive feature wall.

Antique Mirror

Choosing antique glass as a splashback enhances light and space, the ageing effect adds character to your kitchen and works really well  with modern kitchens too.

Splashbacks have come a long way and there’s so much choice, if you’re unsure what splashback is best suited to your kitchen and taste get in touch.

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