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Indoor plants have become such a huge trend and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. From wallpaper to cushion prints, the plant theme is everywhere, but adding real plants into the home is another matter. If you’re a complete novice there are endless indoor plants that are easy to maintain and are aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve narrowed it down to eight indoor plants that are low maintenance and are easy to care for!


The spider plant comes in many varieties and works well in hanging environments. The two-tone coloured leaves add a focal point to any room; they have been a firm favourite for years within the home and we can see why. To maintain spider plants, they prefer bright/medium light and evenly moist soil.

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Aloe plants are a great addition and have become popular in the home over the years. What makes Aloe so easy to grow is that it can survive in most conditions with little care; always keep the soil slightly damp and rotate for even sunlight – it’s as simple as that.


English Ivy creates such a stunning centrepiece in the home, it can trail down and around furniture adding something different. The key to maintaining English Ivy is to keep the soil moist and it grows well in shaded areas too!


Philodendron’s are extremely decorative, with their large leaves and height (growing up to 3 metres high). They were once often used in offices but are now commonly used in homes. They have the added benefit of being able to release clean oxygen into the air too and are exceptionally easy to maintain, as they adapt to their conditions.


Pothos’ need minimal attention and have air purifying qualities. Their leafy vines work well in hanging baskets and can reach up to 6-10 feet.

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Pothos require low moderate indoor light and their soil to be kept moist.

6.MOTHER-IN-LAW’S TONGUE (Snake plant)

Mother-in-law’s tongue is the easiest plant to maintain! If you’re a complete novice to plants this one is for you, it can be watered just once a month – perfect for people with busy lives.

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Cacti plants are great to add into bedrooms, bathrooms and offices, they don’t take up too much space and look great in clusters. Cacti are very easy to keep, and only need to be watered once a week! Another great buy if you’re busy and forgetful.


Jade is incredibly east to look after, simply water Jade when the top of the soil is dry, this will prevent over watering the plant. If you see the plant losing leaves this indicts that you are not giving the plant enough water! Jade is a little bit different from the standard indoor plant with its thick chunky small leaves, perfect for the kitchen.

There’s just something about adding real greenery into the home, the colours and their natural shapes, smells and beauty win artificial plants every time!