Posted by on June 7, 2018

Kitchen larders have become a popular storage solution for many and often a statement piece in the kitchen. Over the years we have seen larders making a comeback, and they are now one of the first things people ask for when we first meet our customers.

Free standing or integrated, large or small, spice racks or shelves, larders can be customised to suit your lifestyle and the size of your kitchen. There are so many benefits to investing in a larder, and they aren’t just for storing food; they can store away electrical goods, provide an extra worktop or can be used as a drinks station, the options are endless.


Freestanding larders are very traditional and classic. If you simply want to add storage into your kitchen, a freestanding larder is a great solution as it can be designed to suit the style of your kitchen.


Integrated larders can create a modern feel and they completely blend in, providing a seamless transition across the kitchen. They are also easier to install electricity points in terms of plug sockets and interior lighting than freestanding larders.

Grove House


We work with our customers to understand how they use their kitchen and where the larder will be placed to add the best functionality. Customers have different requirements for their larders, whether it is to simply store away food or whether it will be used for a breakfast station. Multiple functionalities can be added to make life easier depending on your use. The doors can be designed to hold condiments, a work surface can be added for the little ones to make breakfast independently – they are completely versatile and that’s why we love designing and making larders!



Larders come in all shapes and sizes and can easily be designed to fit any size kitchen, if you’d like to discuss anything with our craftsmen please get in touch.

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