Why choose Grove House?

Grove House are known throughout North Yorkshire for our superior interiors, created by skilled craftsmen. Ask any one of our staff what we pride ourselves on and they’ll tell you it’s our approach to quality. From selecting the best timber, throughout production and even installing those finishing touches, there’s nothing we enjoy more than making an idea come to life.

We’re happy to manage any building, plumbing or electrical work using contractors of your choice. We can also supply appliances and we’re not tied in to using any brand, so you can be sure of a wide selection and our unbiased opinion.

Every one of our kitchens, interiors and pieces of furniture are photo-worthy. We take the extra time to make sure everything is ‘just so’. Our customers know they can expect the best service, one-to-one planning and advice every time they speak to us. We’re also perfectionists when it comes to fitting your furniture or kitchen. Only the best will do, and our aim is to make our customers feel like their home is straight out of a lifestyle magazine.

How Grove House started

We’ve grown from a family-run business to one of the leading providers of bespoke kitchens and interiors in North Yorkshire. The story starts in 1974 when 25 year old cabinet maker Dennis Horner decided to set up his own furniture business. He learnt his trade at local furniture makers, when he got involved in antique restoration and began his love of fine furniture.

After a few successful years Dennis took on an apprentice who he started to teach his restoration and cabinet making knowledge to. This chap still works in the company today and is the most experienced member of the Grove House team. As the years went by the business evolved and now prides itself on making fine fitted kitchens and interiors.

Experience second to none

With a growing reputation (and 25 years later) Dennis handed over the business to his son Mark, who has worked at the company since he left school. Now with 26 years experience himself, he runs the business with the help of colleague Mark Dowson who started with the company at the same time.

All our staff are time served cabinet and furniture makers, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with people who have a vast amount of knowledge within the kitchen and furniture industry.

We have the same values and customer service today as when Dennis started over 40 years ago. From the moment you contact us you will receive a helpful and friendly service, which will continue through your design, production and finally, the fitting of your handmade bespoke furniture.

Doing our part for the environment

Here at Grove House Bespoke Kitchens & Interiors we act responsibly when it comes to the environment. We only use timber supplied by companies who are part of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This gives our customers the reassurance that the timber we’re using comes from sustainably managed forests. Any timber waste we have is recycled as much as possible, through either our waste management company or our local farmer, who takes shavings to bed his stock on!

Nothing says home like custom made furniture, and nothing says quality like Grove House.

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